Bicycle Theft: Don’t Be an Easy Target

Riding a bicycle is not only a great way to get around, but a great way to get some exercise while doing so. This time of year, a lot of people dust-off their ride and look forward to a summer on two wheels. Unfortunately, bicycle thefts peak during the warmer months. The 3rd Police District had 97 bicycle thefts in the first 6 months of 2012. We are doing better than last year with 80 to date this year, but with your help we can lower the numbers even more. 

Bicycles are often stolen when left unsecured or unattended in a yard. Bicycles provide an inexpensive (especially when stolen) means of transportation. Bikes may also be targeted by sophisticated thieves who are always on the lookout for an expensive model which can be easily exchanged for cash.
If you have purchased a high-end bike, make the sacrifice and buy a high-end lock. Some bike locks actually come with an insurance policy that will pay the value of the bike if the lock is defeated and the bicycle is stolen. If you have an inexpensive bike, you may not want to purchase a lock that costs nearly the same as the bike itself - but at least equip it with one.  buy clomid online

To further avoid the theft of your bike, keep it out of sight. Believe it or not, police take bike theft reports from citizens who have left the bike unlocked and out in front of their property all the time. That's an open invitation for thieves to ride off into the sunset on your wheels. Placing bikes inside your residence may be the best way to safe-keep your property. Many thefts are targets of opportunity. If not seen, it is less likely to be taken. Secure your ride, and enjoy it for years to come!